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February 25, 2009


So on our way home from lunch today, Claude, obviously caffeine-fueled, starts a diatribe about French New Wave film, and I learned the following:

-French new wave filmmakers started out mainly as film critics

-French new wave film was decidedly un-Hollywood with its use of strange shot selection, whereas Hollywood was all about the invisible cuts

-The French were the first to take Alfred Hitchcock seriously
So, I drop Claude off and head back to work at my office job, and Claude sends me this, from the Onion A.V. Club (a personal favorite of Claude’s of course), just posted today (well, now yesterday).  There are no coincidences.

So now I have my proof.  Claude is a film snob.  And a geek.  This is why I love him.  Oh, yeah, and he’s real smart.  Also, I think he’ll have some choice things to say about the French New Wave himself, which I may ask him to post as a follow-up “guest” column, where he can call the well-respected Onion A.V. Club on their omission of Chabral from their “French New Wave” article found here.